For Researchers

For Researchers

Module 1

Awareness, Promotion and Education

With this module, our aim is to provide industry, researchers and students with Research and Development activities, Innovation, Project Supports and Intellectual Property Rights, in order to bring the academic information produced in the university and the results of the academic research into the industry, to transform this information and research results into commercial products. to make awareness, promotion and education activities on the aims, methods and results of technology transfer, to introduce the problems and needs and methods of industrial companies to the academic resources of the university, to researchers and students, to make infrastructure studies for creating an effective university-industry cooperation, to raise awareness and to offer necessary trainings there is to give.


Module 2

Project Support and Development

It aims to investigate project supports for funding research projects, to contribute to various fund-grant programs and management of projects, to provide development support and to give consultancy services before and after the projects. The support given to academicians, researchers, students and industrial companies to realize this aim are as follows;

  • Creating a Project Source (Grant, Fund, etc.)
  • Project Management
  • Development-Guidance
  • Coordination

You can reach TÜBİTAK Supported Project Writing Training Materials from the links below.

TÜBİTAK Supported Project Writing Training- Asst. Prof. Fatma Gizem Avcı

TÜBİTAK Supported Project Writing Training- Assoc. Prof. Mesut Karahan


Module 3


This module, which aims to carry the academic field to the industrial area for the conversion of the academic knowledge and research results produced in the university into a commercial product, and also to bring the industry field to the academic field to meet the needs and problems of the industry, by developing the interface function of the transfer offices, forms the basis of the entrepreneurship phase. 

Module 4


Within the scope of the intellectual and industrial rights management and licensing module, it is aimed to create the necessary structures for the protection of Intellectual property, to manage the rights, to increase the number of invention notifications and to create a suitable environment for the commercialization of the inventions. 

Module 5


The Corporateization and Entrepreneurship Module is an academic, researcher, student or project-oriented person with the idea of developing an idea and product for the commercialization of the academic knowledge and research results, as well as the idea of the product, with the protection of this idea or product. It aims to carry out activities aimed at supporting them in order to gain knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, to gain awareness and to become active in these areas.


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